How to install and configure latest Gammu (1.29) in Ubuntu 10.04

I think you already know (enough) about Gammu, so I won’t tell a lot about it. Gammu is a software which has some abilities to control your phone through computer. It provides some useful functions for handling Message. That’s why it widely used and well-known as the backend for simple SMS Gateway System.

Few weeks ago, I got a project to build a LAN Monitoring System. The system is really simple, it’s do an automatic check for LAN and then send SMS notification if there any problem occurs. It combines Gammu (for SMS backend), MySQL (for data storage), and PHP (as the frontend of the System).

It’s easy to install and configure Gammu under my development environment. I use standar Ubuntu 10.04, with the default installed kernel, 2.6.32 and MySQL as Backend for data storage. *You need Apache PHP MySQL on your development environment. Continue reading

Peran debu ternyata sangat besar :D

[Curhat] Wah.., long time no see nih kawan2..! Jadi malu, karena sudah berbulan – bulan tidak pernah diupdate nih blog ini, hehehe.. Sebenernya mau bikin alesan “banyak kerjaan, tugas, dan hal – hal lainnya.”, tp saya rasa yg sebenarnya terjadi adalah : saya malas.. :p

Akhir – akhir ini saya merasa ‘terangsang’ lagi untuk menulis, sederhana, karena melihat teman – teman yg secara rutin meng-update isi blognya, entah itu postingan murni dari dirinya, atau sekedar ‘meneruskan’ informasi yg didapatnya dari suatu sumber (blog lain). Yah, apapun itu, saya berharap kali ini bisa konsisten dalam menulis πŸ˜€

[Udahan Curhatnya]

Balik ke topik (judul maksudnya). Dari beberapa waktu yg lalu, saya merasa sangat heran dengan kondisi laptop yg panas (banget). Jika saya gunakan untuk keperluan sehari – hari, seperti denger musik, mrogram, atau sekedar bikin desain web, panas laptop saya (terutama VGA) bisa mencapai 115Β° C (berdasarkan informasi dari “thermal monitor” pada NVidia X Server Setting di Ubuntu). Continue reading

Firefox 4 Released! Available for Ubuntu Linux through PPA :)

Maybe it’s a bit too late, but still I’m going to share this news.. yeah, Firefox 4 has reached its Stable version yesterday ! πŸ˜€

Firefox 4 stable available for any platforms, such Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Ah, and now, it is already on PPA Repository !! We could add it to our repository lists easily using add-apt-repository command (for Ubuntu users). With all of the features and thousand of great addons available, I think Firefox still leading the market of Web Browser now, hehehe.. πŸ˜€

So, what’s new in Firefox 4? I won’t tell you… πŸ˜› wkwkk, just land your browserΒ here to know πŸ™‚

Now, for the sake of the Lord (lho??) let’s try it for real…………Β For Ubuntu users, just follow these simple steps to install the latest stable release of Firefox : Continue reading

Install latest Network Manager in Lucid from PPA

Network Manager Logo

Network Manager Logo

Hehehe, it’s about 3 months since my last post here.. Huuffhhh.. little tired, with all of my activities, at home, at campus. πŸ™‚
Hmmpp.. for the ‘re-opening’, I’m going to share a tip, how to install the latest Network Manager packages in Ubuntu. Eitss, what is Network Manager?
And why should we upgrade to the latest one? Ahh,, let’s read the whole story, haaaaaa.. πŸ˜€

Continue reading

Fix disabled touchpad after logging into Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10

Heeeyyy, long time no see!!! ><

Now I’m going to share how to fix disabled touchpad in ubuntu. I face this problem in my Ubuntu 10.04 (and my friend’s box, with Ubuntu 10.10 installed). Both, the problems in Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10 are similiar. Touchpad will disabled automatically after logging into Ubuntu desktop, even you press the combination keys to make it works, it won’t works !!
FYI, the touchpad works well while in the login prompt >< kinda weird.. ==” Continue reading

The Best Audacious Skin that I know ! ~

Kinda frustated while looking for a good skin for your lightweight audio player, Audacious?

eh eh , btw, do you know Audacious??
Audacious is a simple, lightweight audio player for Linux . It looks like Winamp. For now, Audacious is my favorite audio player. Hehehe..

Audacious supports Winamp skins , but only Winamp 2.x skins . Skins that look cornered , and also flat (read: old).. Even it only supports Winamp 2.x skins , I still love it .. :3 Continue reading