Firefox 4 Released! Available for Ubuntu Linux through PPA :)

Maybe it’s a bit too late, but still I’m going to share this news.. yeah, Firefox 4 has reached its Stable version yesterday ! 😀

Firefox 4 stable available for any platforms, such Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Ah, and now, it is already on PPA Repository !! We could add it to our repository lists easily using add-apt-repository command (for Ubuntu users). With all of the features and thousand of great addons available, I think Firefox still leading the market of Web Browser now, hehehe.. 😀

So, what’s new in Firefox 4? I won’t tell you… 😛 wkwkk, just land your browser here to know 🙂

Now, for the sake of the Lord (lho??) let’s try it for real………… For Ubuntu users, just follow these simple steps to install the latest stable release of Firefox : Continue reading