How to install and configure latest Gammu (1.29) in Ubuntu 10.04

I think you already know (enough) about Gammu, so I won’t tell a lot about it. Gammu is a software which has some abilities to control your phone through computer. It provides some useful functions for handling Message. That’s why it widely used and well-known as the backend for simple SMS Gateway System.

Few weeks ago, I got a project to build a LAN Monitoring System. The system is really simple, it’s do an automatic check for LAN and then send SMS notification if there any problem occurs. It combines Gammu (for SMS backend), MySQL (for data storage), and PHP (as the frontend of the System).

It’s easy to install and configure Gammu under my development environment. I use standar Ubuntu 10.04, with the default installed kernel, 2.6.32 and MySQL as Backend for data storage. *You need Apache PHP MySQL on your development environment. Continue reading

Firefox 4 Released! Available for Ubuntu Linux through PPA :)

Maybe it’s a bit too late, but still I’m going to share this news.. yeah, Firefox 4 has reached its Stable version yesterday ! πŸ˜€

Firefox 4 stable available for any platforms, such Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. Ah, and now, it is already on PPA Repository !! We could add it to our repository lists easily using add-apt-repository command (for Ubuntu users). With all of the features and thousand of great addons available, I think Firefox still leading the market of Web Browser now, hehehe.. πŸ˜€

So, what’s new in Firefox 4? I won’t tell you… πŸ˜› wkwkk, just land your browserΒ here to know πŸ™‚

Now, for the sake of the Lord (lho??) let’s try it for real…………Β For Ubuntu users, just follow these simple steps to install the latest stable release of Firefox : Continue reading

Install latest Network Manager in Lucid from PPA

Network Manager Logo

Network Manager Logo

Hehehe, it’s about 3 months since my last post here.. Huuffhhh.. little tired, with all of my activities, at home, at campus. πŸ™‚
Hmmpp.. for the ‘re-opening’, I’m going to share a tip, how to install the latest Network Manager packages in Ubuntu. Eitss, what is Network Manager?
And why should we upgrade to the latest one? Ahh,, let’s read the whole story, haaaaaa.. πŸ˜€

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The Best Audacious Skin that I know ! ~

Kinda frustated while looking for a good skin for your lightweight audio player, Audacious?

eh eh , btw, do you know Audacious??
Audacious is a simple, lightweight audio player for Linux . It looks like Winamp. For now, Audacious is my favorite audio player. Hehehe..

Audacious supports Winamp skins , but only Winamp 2.x skins . Skins that look cornered , and also flat (read: old).. Even it only supports Winamp 2.x skins , I still love it .. :3 Continue reading

[Solved] How to Connect using Venus VT-18 Multi in Ubuntu Lucid [Part1]

Hey guys, now I’m going to share a trick, how to connect to the Internet using EVDO-enabled Modem : Venus VT-18 Multi. My friends asked me to bought this modem for them few weeks ago via Online shop. This modem is cheap enough for a EVDO-enabled modem. It cost only Rp 475.000/ unit (compared to my Haier CE100, which cost Rp 900.000/unit when I bought it last year.. Now still expensive, about Rp 800.000/ unit. Oh my….). Continue reading

Langkah Konek Internet Haier CE100 dengan Network Manager Lucid

Artikel ini merupakan request seorang teman. Yap, sesuai judul artikelnya, saya akan sharing cara melakukan koneksi ke internet menggunakan modem Haier CE100 dan Network Manager pada Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. Ternyata caranya sangat mudah! πŸ˜€

Oke, langsung aja kita ke langkah – langkahnya..

  1. Jika belum pernah melakukan update Network Manager, baik melalui repository resmi maupun dari launchpad (ppa), Anda bisa langsung skip ke langkah no. 6!! Jika sudah pernah, lanjut ke langkah 2..
  2. Jika pernah update ppa, remove semua packages Network Manager yang terinstall
    Perhatikan, sebelum menjalankan perintah – perintah no. 1 – 4, Anda diharuskan memiliki koneksi internet cadangan yg tidak berbasis network manager! (misal wvdial)


    sudo apt-get remove –purge network-manager*

  3. Disable Repository ppa
    Buka Synaptic Packages Manager. Klik menu Repositories, lalu pilih tab Other Software. Disable repo network manager dari ppa

    Disable Repo NM dari ppa

  4. Install network manager bawaan Lucid (defaultnya)
    Tutup Synaptic Packages Manager, lalu balik ke terminal. Ketik :


    sudo apt-get update


    sudo apt-get insall network-manager

  5. Restart PC/ Laptop
  6. Colokin modem, setting network manager
    Cukup jelas, karena saya gunakan screenshot πŸ˜€

    Klik kanan pada ikon network manager. Pilih menu Edit Connections…
    Setelah muncul windown Network Connections, pilih tab Mobile Broadband. Klik tombol Add

    Berikutnya, akan muncul window untuk melakukan setup koneksi. Ikuti saja, sesuai gambar.

    Setup Koneksi - 1

    Setup Koneksi - 2

    Setup Koneksi - 3

    Setup Koneksi - 4

    Setup Koneksi - 5

    Setup Koneksi - 6

    Jika sudah, klik kiri pada Network Manager Applet, lalu pilih nama koneksi yang baru saja dibuat. Network manager akan mencoba melakukan koneksi, yang ditandai dengan perubahan icon network manager.



Bagaimana? Mudah bukan? πŸ˜€

Dockbarx, window list simple nan menawan ^^

Yap, nulis lagi.. πŸ˜€

Hari ini saya ingin membagi pengalaman tentang salah satu aplikasi yang saya gunakan. Aplikasi ini bernama dockbarx. Apa itu dockbarx??

Dockbarx adalah aplikasi “Window List” seperti applet milik gnome-panel, namun sangat jauh berbeda dari segi tampilan. Apa itu “Window List”? Sederhananya, sebut saja taskbar.. πŸ˜€

Secara default, dockbarx hanya menampilkan icon dari window – window yang sedang dibuka, tanpa menampilkan title dari window seperti halnya applet “Window List”. Apa keuntungannya? Tentu saja, akan lebih hemat tempat, serta terlihat lebih rapi dan cantik (agak lebay sedikit..)

Di sistem saya, tampilan dockbarx seperti ini nih..

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