[Jacket] Informatics Engineering ITN Malang – 2011

Install latest Network Manager in Lucid from PPA

Network Manager Logo

Network Manager Logo

Hehehe, it’s about 3 months since my last post here.. Huuffhhh.. little tired, with all of my activities, at home, at campus. 🙂
Hmmpp.. for the ‘re-opening’, I’m going to share a tip, how to install the latest Network Manager packages in Ubuntu. Eitss, what is Network Manager?
And why should we upgrade to the latest one? Ahh,, let’s read the whole story, haaaaaa.. 😀

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Fix disabled touchpad after logging into Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10

Heeeyyy, long time no see!!! ><

Now I’m going to share how to fix disabled touchpad in ubuntu. I face this problem in my Ubuntu 10.04 (and my friend’s box, with Ubuntu 10.10 installed). Both, the problems in Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10 are similiar. Touchpad will disabled automatically after logging into Ubuntu desktop, even you press the combination keys to make it works, it won’t works !!
FYI, the touchpad works well while in the login prompt >< kinda weird.. ==” Continue reading

The Best Audacious Skin that I know ! ~

Kinda frustated while looking for a good skin for your lightweight audio player, Audacious?

eh eh , btw, do you know Audacious??
Audacious is a simple, lightweight audio player for Linux . It looks like Winamp. For now, Audacious is my favorite audio player. Hehehe..

Audacious supports Winamp skins , but only Winamp 2.x skins . Skins that look cornered , and also flat (read: old).. Even it only supports Winamp 2.x skins , I still love it .. :3 Continue reading

Happy Idul Adha 1431H, Happy “Festival of Sacrifice”

Hi guys , I just wanna say “Happy Idul Adha 1431H, Happy ‘Festival of Sacrifice’ day ” .

So, you should have sholat Ied this morning, right? And I guess, you are talking and eating a lot with your big family right now… 🙂

Huwaaa..!!! I really miss my hometown, Denpasar, Bali. There, I used to get a lot of foods from the neighbors. Hey, “Sate” and “Gule” , wkwkkw . I got those foods, even I’m not a moslem :3 Yeah , I think , the differents between us shouldn’t break our relation . Me and my neighbors live in peace , with tolerance each others 😀

Hhh.. I miss them so much ! I miss mom, dad , bro, sis, ijal , mas Aim, pak Marno, Agus ! :’)

Hah , again , happy Idul Adha guys ! 🙂

Here, at Surabaya again… ~


Suro - Boyo (image from : omikushi.wordpress.com)

For the umpteenth times, I got here.. At Surabaya (Sby)..

As usual, Sby is always HOT !! Here at my friend’s kost, the fan is turned on for 24 hours a day. I always stay outside the room, got a “fresh” air.. (hummph.. actually, it still so HOT outside the room) Could you imagine, how HOT the weather is ??! ==”

Hoo…my.. I really can’t believe, some of my friends take study here (ITS and PENS).. How could they live with such a weather like this??? (kinda hiperbolic.. hehehe)

Eh, why am I here ?
I need to give a training to the employee of KJAS Group. He should be the admin (read: Entry Data Person) for the Company Profile that I created a while ago. Nah, hope this will finished soon, and then I’ll get back to Malang.. Feel the real fresh air, feel the real room.. ^_~’