Wednesday, March 2, 2011 – Melasti, Goes to Bale Kambang, Malang

Pura Bale Kambang

Pura Bale Kambang

Ah, ternyata sudah pagi..

Gak terasa hari kemarin sudah berlalu. Ya, hari yang menurut saya spesial, karena untuk pertama kalinya saya Melasti ke pantai, hehehe.. Dan lebih spesial lagi, saya melakukannya di Malang, bersama teman2 Hindu dari berbagai kalangan (udah kerja, ada yg masih kuliah, ibu2, bapak2, anak2, hahahaha, spesial untuk Anom, dan Kadek (UB) yang sudah menemani saya selama di perjalanan, dan di Bale Kambang. kwkwk)

Kami berkumpul di Pura Bhuvana Kertha, Singosari terlebih dahulu, melakukan persiapan Melasti dan bersembahyang, untuk selanjutnya bersama – sama berangkat ke Pura Bale Kambang. Perjalanan berjalan lancar, dengan (banyak) efek “gempa”. Hahahaa, ya, kendaraan yang saya tumpangi adalah truk pinjaman dari angkatan darat (kalo gak salah, yg suspensinya, top markotop dah pokoknyaaa… hehehe). Sebagian yang lain menggunakan mobil – mobil pribadinya.

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Happy Idul Adha 1431H, Happy “Festival of Sacrifice”

Hi guys , I just wanna say “Happy Idul Adha 1431H, Happy ‘Festival of Sacrifice’ day ” .

So, you should have sholat Ied this morning, right? And I guess, you are talking and eating a lot with your big family right now… 🙂

Huwaaa..!!! I really miss my hometown, Denpasar, Bali. There, I used to get a lot of foods from the neighbors. Hey, “Sate” and “Gule” , wkwkkw . I got those foods, even I’m not a moslem :3 Yeah , I think , the differents between us shouldn’t break our relation . Me and my neighbors live in peace , with tolerance each others 😀

Hhh.. I miss them so much ! I miss mom, dad , bro, sis, ijal , mas Aim, pak Marno, Agus ! :’)

Hah , again , happy Idul Adha guys ! 🙂

Here, at Surabaya again… ~


Suro - Boyo (image from :

For the umpteenth times, I got here.. At Surabaya (Sby)..

As usual, Sby is always HOT !! Here at my friend’s kost, the fan is turned on for 24 hours a day. I always stay outside the room, got a “fresh” air.. (hummph.. actually, it still so HOT outside the room) Could you imagine, how HOT the weather is ??! ==”

Hoo…my.. I really can’t believe, some of my friends take study here (ITS and PENS).. How could they live with such a weather like this??? (kinda hiperbolic.. hehehe)

Eh, why am I here ?
I need to give a training to the employee of KJAS Group. He should be the admin (read: Entry Data Person) for the Company Profile that I created a while ago. Nah, hope this will finished soon, and then I’ll get back to Malang.. Feel the real fresh air, feel the real room.. ^_~’

They look so interested in Linux

Hi, its been 2 days since last time I posted an article, hehehe.. Kinda busy with my activities @ campus. Those makes me a little tired .. hahaha..

Ow yah.. in these 2 days, I figured something interesting. (A lot of) friends, from the same (and different) years with me, are start trying to use Linux as their primary OS :D. Yeah, I do promoted Linux (Open Source) in campus, and the result is as what I said before. They look so interested in Linux. They asked me many times, “When you would make an Open Source Community for Informatics Engineering ?” or “When the Linux training will be held?”.

I can only give them promise. Hmm.. it’s because I will be so busy in one or two weeks ahead. Preparing for National Seminar, and also, proposal for PKM (besides of classes, and mid-test that will be held in two weeks from now). Huff..

Sometimes, I feel sorry for them, but nothing I can do. I hope they could be more patient.. 😀


Arrived at Malang, back to normal activities as student

Haaa… Good morning everybody !! 😀
Sunny saturday morning here .. !

Yeah, after (almost) finishing my project in Surabaya yesterday, I decided to go back Malang last night. Yeah, because there are two classes this morning. Hhh.. You know, I skip the first class (as I remember, the subject is Software Engineering..), hahahaha.. lol and maybe, I’ll skip the next class, too.. (Artificial Intelligent class, wkwkkw lol)

Hell yeah, my body. I feeling stiff right now .. ==” (maybe I need more time to sleep.. wkwkwkwk)

Okay, now I’m going to wash my clothes and then go to campus. Huuhhh… I wish there are no classes in Saturday .. ><

Have a nice day, guys !  \(^^)/