Tugas Sistem Cerdas – Auto robot :D

Langsung aja ya, sorry tak posting di blog, hahaha.. :p

Ada matrik Amxn (dimana m = baris dan n = kolom). Pada sisi – sisi matrik terdapat ‘dinding‘ sehingga matrik tersebut seolah – olah adalah sebuah ruangan tertutup. Tiap elemen dalam matrik (cell) dapat memiliki dinding – dinding yang membuat matrik tersebut tampak seperti sebuah labirin (maze). Robot otomatis harus dapat bergerak dari titik awal (Start), mencari emas (Gold), lalu menuju ke titik Akhir (Finish).

  • Ukuran matrik ditentukan oleh user (dinamis), *kalo gak bisa, boleh statis, ditentukan melalui kode program..
  • Letak dinding – dinding penyusun labirin adalah random -yg penting labirinnya solved- *kalo gak bisa random, dibuat statis aja gpp ditentukan melalui kode program..
  • Robot terlihat bergerak perlahan, jadi seperti animasi..
  • Bahasa pemrograman yg digunakan bebas..
  • Boleh cari di internet :p
  • Yg paling penting, robotnya harus cerdas

Mungkin seperti ini ya *niru punya buk popy, tp labirinnya agak beda :

Mungkin ilustrasinya seperti gambar di atas

Kalo kurang jelas bisa ditanyakan langsung ke… buk Poppy.. πŸ™‚ hahahahaa.. bisa juga tanya ane :3

Oya, dikumpul pas kuliah Sistem Cerdas, hari Sabtu, tanggal 16 April 2011. Ngerjainnya boleh sendiri atau kelompok. Kalo kelompok, pake kelompok yg udh dibuat kemarin, jd jangan ganti – ganti anggota πŸ˜€

Pengumuman Seleksi Tahap II KRI KRCI KRSI 2011

Barusan buka email, ada berita dari milis KRI-KRCI ternyata hasil seleksi tahap II untuk KRI – KRCI 2011 sudah keluar.

Silakan download

Pengumuman Seleksi tahap II KRI KRCI 2011

Pengumuman Seleksi Tahap II KRSI 2011

Secara pribadi saya ucapkan selamat bagi Tim yang telah lolos, tetap semangat, dan sampai ketemu di Regional 4, Surabaya !! πŸ˜€
Moga” bisa lolos sampai Nasional :3 hehehe..

Salam Robotika Indonesia !

ITN’s Informatics Engineering Social Action.. Great !

Good Morning guys !

Today Yesterday was kinda busy, make me a little tired. Hehehe. Mmmm… I’m not going to tell about todayyesterday’s activities, coz those make me a little mad.. Hehehehe..

So, what am I going to tell ? Yap, just like the title, what I’m gonna tell is about Informatics Engineering Social Action. Get it ? Hahahahaha, I don’t think so.. :p

Actually, this event is “PJMB” (stands for Pengenalan Jurusan Mahasiswa Baru). Maybe in your campus, it named as “Ospek Jurusan” or something like that. Because we call it “Social Action”, I prefer using term “Baksos” (Bakti Sosial) instead of “Ospek Jurusan”. As for your information,Β this is the 3rd times we held PJMB, since Informatics Engineering established about 2 years ago.

If previous Baksos were held not too far from campus (still in Malang city), now we held it outside, exactly, @ Coban Rais, Batu. Hmmm .. because the place is far enough from Malang (took about a half hour) so we decided to stay overnight there. This event took about 2 days.

Hmm… so, what’s were we did in this event ?? Continue reading

This afternoon, got some free breads at NOC (Network Operation Control)

This afternoon, I visited NOC which is located at the Building of Electrical Laboratory (a little confused, how to say “Gedung Laboratorium Elektro”.. lol). NOC itself, stands for Network Operation Control. Our servers (Web, Mail, etc) and other networks facilities are placed in this small room, yeah, for me, this room is too small for an Network Operation Control which handles a lot of things.

Where the breads are ?? hahahaha…
I called by one of the NOC staff (brotha Bima, the admin of our mail server), which ask me to go there. He said, he was given a pack of breads by the head of Electrical Engineering, Ir. Yusuf Ismail Nakhoda, MT (hmmm… maybe it contains about 10 to 15 pieces, hehehe). Finally, I got there πŸ˜€ Hmm.. I forget how much I ate the breads. lol

After having the breads, I connected my laptop to Internet though wifi. Little slow…. hahahahaha…

About 5.30 PM, we went home. Btw.. I just realized that Mr. Yusuf is a such kind person. He usually gives us any kind of breads while we are in some activities (like KRI, KRCI, and others). hehehe ..


They look so interested in Linux

Hi, its been 2 days since last time I posted an article, hehehe.. Kinda busy with my activities @ campus. Those makes me a little tired .. hahaha..

Ow yah.. in these 2 days, I figured something interesting. (A lot of) friends, from the same (and different) years with me, are start trying to use Linux as their primary OS :D. Yeah, I do promoted Linux (Open Source) in campus, and the result is as what I said before. They look so interested in Linux. They asked me many times, “When you would make an Open Source Community for Informatics Engineering ?” or “When the Linux training will be held?”.

I can only give them promise. Hmm.. it’s because I will be so busy in one or two weeks ahead. Preparing for National Seminar, and also, proposal for PKM (besides of classes, and mid-test that will be held in two weeks from now). Huff..

Sometimes, I feel sorry for them, but nothing I can do. I hope they could be more patient.. πŸ˜€


ITN’s Ubuntu Repository now accessible via Hotspot ! :D

GOod news for you guys !

Now we can access the local Ubuntu Repository though hotspots that available in our campus, ITN Malang. πŸ˜€
I have tried it from my friend’s laptop. I installed Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat, and then tried to access the repository from Kantin-AP. Hhhmmm.. It went smoothly, but the speed .. Just like download it from Internet.. So slow.. (max speed, if I recall, is 35 KBps) A little slow for a local access, I think .. Continue reading