About Me

Hi guys, thanks for visiting my blog 😀

Hmmm… There’s nothing special about me, yeah, I’m just an ordinary boy. You can call me, Budi. I come from Badung, Bali (though I live in Denpasar since I was born). Graduated from vocational HS, SMKN 1 Denpasar in 2008 and currently studying here, at ITN Malang, in the major of Informatics Engineering. I like writing about Computer, especially Linux stuff. Yeah, as you can see, I’m a computer geek, hahahahaha .. lol.. I like writing about my daily activities, too.. 😀

I used to active in some Laboratories, such as Software Engineering and Networking Laboratory, as an Instructure. But now, I resign from Labs. Kinda bored with all of the routines in the Labs, lol…

As for now, I’m a member of “Himpunan Mahasiswa Jurusan”, in the division of Research & Technology. Errmm.. As the vice captain :-p Here, I feel better. A lot of new ‘friends’, and more ‘crazy’.

I really like someone who like trying before asking for help. I wouldn’t respect them, who only come to me to ask some ‘stupid’ questions that actually could be answered by their own. Maybe kinda arrogant, but believe me, it’s for them ! 😀

Besides of being student, I can say, I’m a freelancer. I make any programs, like Web-based Company Profile, Online Shop System, and other kind of Computer Based Information Systems (CBIS). Check my Portofolios to find out more ! 😀

Ah, you can contact me through :

email :

facebook  :

Okay, that just a little about me. So, how about you ??


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. bli .. ganti splash ma login screen itu piye ?????? terus klo waktu destopnya di jadikan 3d itu di kasih gammabr biar g item aja tu juga gmana ?????

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