Fix disabled touchpad after logging into Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10

Heeeyyy, long time no see!!! ><

Now I’m going to share how to fix disabled touchpad in ubuntu. I face this problem in my Ubuntu 10.04 (and my friend’s box, with Ubuntu 10.10 installed). Both, the problems in Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10 are similiar. Touchpad will disabled automatically after logging into Ubuntu desktop, even you press the combination keys to make it works, it won’t works !!
FYI, the touchpad works well while in the login prompt >< kinda weird.. ==”

First time, I don’t have any idea, what was wrong with it. Then, I googled a while.. and found a solution. I realized, maybe the problem was in the Gnome itself.. Yeah, Gnome Configuration Editor (gconf-editor) automatically disabled it after logging in. Hmmm.. so the solution is? Simple, just enabled it in gconf-editor ! Press [Alt]+[F2], and then type : gconf-editor

In the left-pane, go to desktop > gnome > peripherals > touchpad . You will see some items in the right-pane. Look for item named ‘touchpad_enabled‘, and then turn it ON. Your touchpad should working now !

Okay, that save us . But, we need to adjust it everytime we logged in. Don’t you think that will waste your time?

Lets make it works everytime we logged in. Here are the steps :

Step #1. Open “Startup Applications” from menu System > Preferences > Startup Applications

Step #2. Click button [Add ], then give any name, and in the command field, fill with :

gconftool --type Boolean --set /desktop/gnome/peripherals/touchpad/touchpad_enabled true

Fix Disabled Touchpad

Fix Disabled Touchpad

Step #3. Save , then log out (or reboot, to see the real difference). You can control it (enable/ disable) as usual, using the combination keys or dedicated enable/ disable button..

That’s how we made it works. Simple, huh ? 😀


8 thoughts on “Fix disabled touchpad after logging into Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10

  1. You can also set the default value for the key “touchpad_enabled”. For this you must call the gconf-editor as root “sudo gconf-editor”. Then goto desktop > gnome > peripherals > touchpad and right click onto the touchpad_enabled key. Click on “set as default” (or something similar, I have italian messages). Goto the “file” menu, select “New default page” and then locate the “desktop > gnome > peripherals > touchpad>touchpad_enabled and set it. Et voilà … now the touchpad will be enabled by default each time you login.


  2. Nah klo masalah aku malah beda bud…

    touchpadku gak bisa di matikan lewat keyboard shortcutnya…
    jadi terpaksa bikin menu di launcher buat on/off kan touchpad… 😥

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