The Best Audacious Skin that I know ! ~

Kinda frustated while looking for a good skin for your lightweight audio player, Audacious?

eh eh , btw, do you know Audacious??
Audacious is a simple, lightweight audio player for Linux . It looks like Winamp. For now, Audacious is my favorite audio player. Hehehe..

Audacious supports Winamp skins , but only Winamp 2.x skins . Skins that look cornered , and also flat (read: old).. Even it only supports Winamp 2.x skins , I still love it .. :3

Nah, talking about the skin. I just browse gnome-look and found an (first time I saw, is good) Audacious theme displayed in the homepage. I looked the detail , and then downloaded it. Yeah , it looks better than before , the default skin available from the installation.

Check out the skin here . Download , and once finished, extract it . Inside the folder , there are some files (font file and conky configuration file) and one skin folder (Audacious grey theme). Copy it (the skin folder), into /usr/share/audacious/Skins/ . Then, open Audacious, and press Ctrl+P to open the Preferences Window. Activate the skin from tab Skinned Interface.

activate it

activate it

Here it looks like on my box , Ubuntu 10.04 @ Acer 4530 .

Audacious Grey Skin

source :

Special thanks to :
leodelacruz @


5 thoughts on “The Best Audacious Skin that I know ! ~

    • Hmmm saya sendiri kurang tau, biasanya saya search langsung di Google. Tapi setau saya Audacious make tema dari winamp Classic (2.x), jadi bisa lihat2 di websitenya Winamp. 😀

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