Here, at Surabaya again… ~


Suro - Boyo (image from :

For the umpteenth times, I got here.. At Surabaya (Sby)..

As usual, Sby is always HOT !! Here at my friend’s kost, the fan is turned on for 24 hours a day. I always stay outside the room, got a “fresh” air.. (hummph.. actually, it still so HOT outside the room) Could you imagine, how HOT the weather is ??! ==”

Hoo…my.. I really can’t believe, some of my friends take study here (ITS and PENS).. How could they live with such a weather like this??? (kinda hiperbolic.. hehehe)

Eh, why am I here ?
I need to give a training to the employee of KJAS Group. He should be the admin (read: Entry Data Person) for the Company Profile that I created a while ago. Nah, hope this will finished soon, and then I’ll get back to Malang.. Feel the real fresh air, feel the real room.. ^_~’


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