No more Nautilus Elementary!

I just checked one of the unread messages in my inbox, and really surprised by its content. The message comes from OMG Ubuntu. It said, there’s no more Nautilus Elementary (NE)! WTH this means?? Now, Nautilus Elementary no longer being actively developed or I said, it has been discontinued…..

But why? One of the reason, maybe, because the NE’s patches are considered as hacks in the Ubuntu Developer Summit a while ago.. Hoo my.. I think NE is the best visually appealing file browser I’ve used.. And as far as I use, there’s no problem with it!

Nah, the elementary Team (developer of NE), currently developing the new file manager, named Marlin. It uses GTK3 and some Gnome3’s technologies. It’s available in launchpad, already. But don’t expect too much from Marlin, right now. It still needs a lot of things to do (and time) before we see the stable release. Just wait and see what’s new in Marlin!

Keep spirit, the elementary Team !!! (rock)

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