ITN’s Informatics Engineering Social Action.. Great !

Good Morning guys !

Today Yesterday was kinda busy, make me a little tired. Hehehe. Mmmm… I’m not going to tell about todayyesterday’s activities, coz those make me a little mad.. Hehehehe..

So, what am I going to tell ? Yap, just like the title, what I’m gonna tell is about Informatics Engineering Social Action. Get it ? Hahahahaha, I don’t think so.. :p

Actually, this event is “PJMB” (stands for Pengenalan Jurusan Mahasiswa Baru). Maybe in your campus, it named as “Ospek Jurusan” or something like that. Because we call it “Social Action”, I prefer using term “Baksos” (Bakti Sosial) instead of “Ospek Jurusan”. As for your information, this is the 3rd times we held PJMB, since Informatics Engineering established about 2 years ago.

If previous Baksos were held not too far from campus (still in Malang city), now we held it outside, exactly, @ Coban Rais, Batu. Hmmm .. because the place is far enough from Malang (took about a half hour) so we decided to stay overnight there. This event took about 2 days.

Hmm… so, what’s were we did in this event ??

In the first day, we did an opening ceremony that officiated by “Sekjur” of Informatics Engineering (Mr. Ir. Sentot Achmadi, M.Si.). After opening ceremony, new students (Maba) were told to plant some trees around campus. The trees are already prepared by the commitee. Why were we plant trees? So simple, its aims is to make our campus looks more ‘green’. Hahahaha.. We also bought some indoor plants and put them inside Laboratory B building. Yeah, now it looks better with some plants around (feels like in the garden, lol) 😀

After finishing plant the trees, Maba gathered in the basketball court. Maba waited about 15 minutes under the ‘blazing’ sun (hiperbolic, but as long as I remember, it so hot..). They got their lunch, and then, prayed (sholat for moslem).

After everything set, we went to Coban Rais. Maba and some of commitee using trucks, and a pickup. I used a motorcycle with my friend, Danny Nurris (maestro of photography). Something funny was, we lost the path to Coban Rais.. ==” But after asking some people, finally we got there safely… hahahaha.. lol

While the commitee busy organizing Maba, me and Danny relaxed eating meatballs.. wkwkwkwkk.. Hmm.. the time passed till maghrib. All of Maba were instructed to go back to the tent. Its about 7 PM, the rain was fall.. Disappointing, coz according to the schedule, that my turn to give some materials about Science & Technology (I’m not a commitee, but an invitee here). I think the commitee is good enough, they have an alternative. They ask me and some of aslabs to give some materials in the tent. Hmmm.. I got the first tent, with all of men in it.. ==” (

I told about technology, especially Internet and Open Source. Yeah, I proudly told my experiences while using Linux. And you know, they look so excited, hahahaha .. B-)

Time over for materials, and the next schedule was. … . BON FIRE !! 😀

Maba and committee gathered together surrounding the bonfire. We did games and some of performance from the Maba. We laugh out so loud. Everyone looks so happy ! ^^

After finishing the bonfire, Maba go back to their tent, and took a rest for a while before midnight. Hmm.. there’s a “Jurit Malam” for them. Personally, I don’t like “Jurit Malam”. Eh, why? I think they would be too tired to do the real Baksos tomorrow morning.. Hmmm … But I’m not the one in the capability to decided it, hahahahha Fortunately, everything went smoothly, no bad things happened 😀

Maba took a rest for a while, and woke up early in the morning.. They did a morning gymnastic (senam pagi), with a shabby face .. hahahaha, but sometimes they laugh because of the instructor which were so funny . lol.. They did an extraordinary moves, makes the committee and the Maba laugh out so loud.. ahhahhaha ..

After that, Maba prepared for the Baksos. We helped a kindergarten near the camp. We made a new fence from bamboos, paint the wall so it looks better. We clean the garden, the rooms, and the street around. Maba look so excited , hahahaha..

Finished, we all go back to the camp and had our lunch. Maba look so glad after having their lunch. Yeah, they must be so hungry after did a lot of things..

The last schedule is “stressing” !! I laugh while watching Maba were scolded, shouted .. The security committe play its role very well ! wkwkwkwkwk .. And finally, its ended by saying happy birthday to one of the maba.. ahahahaha .. Everyone laugh, everyone happy, everyone ….. INFORMATIKA !!!

[photos will be uploaded soon] :3


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