This afternoon, got some free breads at NOC (Network Operation Control)

This afternoon, I visited NOC which is located at the Building of Electrical Laboratory (a little confused, how to say “Gedung Laboratorium Elektro”.. lol). NOC itself, stands for Network Operation Control. Our servers (Web, Mail, etc) and other networks facilities are placed in this small room, yeah, for me, this room is too small for an Network Operation Control which handles a lot of things.

Where the breads are ?? hahahaha…
I called by one of the NOC staff (brotha Bima, the admin of our mail server), which ask me to go there. He said, he was given a pack of breads by the head of Electrical Engineering, Ir. Yusuf Ismail Nakhoda, MT (hmmm… maybe it contains about 10 to 15 pieces, hehehe). Finally, I got there 😀 Hmm.. I forget how much I ate the breads. lol

After having the breads, I connected my laptop to Internet though wifi. Little slow…. hahahahaha…

About 5.30 PM, we went home. Btw.. I just realized that Mr. Yusuf is a such kind person. He usually gives us any kind of breads while we are in some activities (like KRI, KRCI, and others). hehehe ..



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