[Tips] How to Make Table in Inkscape

Please ignore tips bellow!
Right now there is an extension for creating tables in Inkscape. Check the project here and give it a try! 🙂

Have you ever wondered, how to make a table in Inkscape?
Inkscape is a POWERFULL free (cross-platform) vector image editor. Unfortunately, it doesn’t has a tool/ menu for creating table. Okay, that’s not problem anymore! You could add tables in Inkscape easily, just in three simple steps !

Let’s have a try !

First step, make your own table in Open Office or other Word Processing, such as (legal copy of) Microsoft Word. Note, the word processing program should has a convert-to-pdf feature. Alternatively, you can use third-party software, for converting it into pdf format.

Second, as I said above. Convert the document that you just created into pdf format. In Open Office, it so simple. Just click on the pdf icon and it will ask you where to save the document.

Third, open Inkscape. Import the document that you just created. Simply from menu File > Import …. Choose “import text as text” option in the Import dialog. Now, your table added !!

That’s how you add tables into Inkscape. Simple, right ?! 😀

6 thoughts on “[Tips] How to Make Table in Inkscape

  1. This is a horrible way of making tables. While it works, it is a lot of messing around, and the resulting tables cannot be tweaked (e.g. changing column width) without repeating the process from scratch.

    • I’ve never use table in inkscape. But I just tried this extension and it’s really helpful. So, no need for doc-to-pdf method anymore!
      Thanks for sharing, and I will post it soon 🙂

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