[Solved] How to Connect using Venus VT-18 Multi in Ubuntu Lucid [Part1]

Hey guys, now I’m going to share a trick, how to connect to the Internet using EVDO-enabled Modem : Venus VT-18 Multi. My friends asked me to bought this modem for them few weeks ago via Online shop. This modem is cheap enough for a EVDO-enabled modem. It cost only Rp 475.000/ unit (compared to my Haier CE100, which cost Rp 900.000/unit when I bought it last year.. Now still expensive, about Rp 800.000/ unit. Oh my….).

Nah, the problem is simple, this modem doesn’t detected as modem by default in Ubuntu. In Ubuntu Lucid, if you plug-in your modem, and then type :


in terminal, you should see something like this :

result of lsusb - detected : Qualcomm Inc. (05c6:1000)

That means we need to do a little trick to make it detected as modem (T & A Mobile Phones). This trick is for Ubuntu Lucid (Maverick user, please be patient. I’ll post it too, as soon as possible). Okay, lets begin the steps 😀

*Oh ya, almost of the steps need terminal, so please open your terminal right now ! 😀 (Applications > Accessories > Terminal)

Step #1, plug-in your modem. Wait a minute, and then type this in terminal :

look for a line which contain string “Qualcomm” (like the image above). If you find it, then go to step #2.

Step #2. Make sure, the modem registered as a CD-ROM. Type this in terminal :
dmesg | tail

if the result shows like the image below, go to step #3. If not, please go to step #4.

If shown like above, go to step #3. Otherwise, go to step #4

Step #3. Eject your modem. type this in terminal :
eject /dev/sr1

then go to step #5

Step #4. Type this command :
sudo modprobe -r usb_storage

enter your password. Unplug the modem, and then plug it again. Wait a minute, then back to Step #2.

Step #5. Now, your modem should be detected as T & A Mobile Phones. It should be like this :

Detected as T & A Mobile Phones - modprobe usbserial

Then, we need to modprobe usbserial module to recognize it as a CDMA modem. Type this on terminal :
sudo modprobe usbserial vendor=0x1bbb product=0x0012

then, type :
dmesg | tail

If it shows like below, your modem is ready to use.

Detected as modem - Ready to use !

run this command in terminal :
sudo wvdialconf

this command will detect your modem and configure it automatically. Now, edit the wvdial.conf, and set the user, pass, and dial number according to your ISP (or operator seluler you use).

sudo gedit /etc/wvdial.conf

edit, and add some lines, so it should be like this (In this case, I use Smart) :

wvdial configuration.

save, and close the editor. Now we are prepared !. Run wvdial :
sudo wvdial venus

The result should be :

Connected to Internet using wvdial - got IP and DNS

Surf the web using venus vt-18 Multi in Ubuntu Lucid

Note for Ubuntu 10.04 users :
This step may not works at the first time you try. In case it happens, please restart your laptop/PC and then try again. I think the problem belong the modem itself.. ==”



18 thoughts on “[Solved] How to Connect using Venus VT-18 Multi in Ubuntu Lucid [Part1]

  1. kk, wa pakai linux mint, adeknya ubuntu,
    lagi ngejalanin step 5, trus saya coba sudo wvdialconf , katanya command not found, itu gmn ya ? mohon bantuannya 😀

    • maap mas, saya lupa kasi tau kalo mau jalanin wvdialconf atau wvdial itu harus nginstall wvdialnya dulu 😀 hehehe
      dari terminal ketik :

      sudo apt-get install wvdial


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