They look so interested in Linux

Hi, its been 2 days since last time I posted an article, hehehe.. Kinda busy with my activities @ campus. Those makes me a little tired .. hahaha..

Ow yah.. in these 2 days, I figured something interesting. (A lot of) friends, from the same (and different) years with me, are start trying to use Linux as their primary OS :D. Yeah, I do promoted Linux (Open Source) in campus, and the result is as what I said before. They look so interested in Linux. They asked me many times, “When you would make an Open Source Community for Informatics Engineering ?” or “When the Linux training will be held?”.

I can only give them promise. Hmm.. it’s because I will be so busy in one or two weeks ahead. Preparing for National Seminar, and also, proposal for PKM (besides of classes, and mid-test that will be held in two weeks from now). Huff..

Sometimes, I feel sorry for them, but nothing I can do. I hope they could be more patient.. 😀



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