Run well … The Training for PKM :D

Just like what I said before, our major will held a training for PKM. Yeah, it’s already held yesterday, and everything running smoothly.. πŸ˜€

As the Steering Commitee (SC), I can say that this program successful enough! We could gather about 155 students from 2008 till 2010 to participate in this training πŸ˜€ The atmosphere is good, not so serious. It was started at 09.00 AM, and officially opened by the chairman of Informatics Engineering, Mr. Joseph Deddy Irawan, MT. This training took about 3 and a half hours, till 12.30 and officially closed by the Secretary of Informatics Engineering, Mr. Ir. Sentot Achmadi, M.Si.

Yeah, I hope this training will be usefull for us, and so, from this training, we could send as much as possible proposals to DIKTI. πŸ˜€

At least, I thank to Mr. Ashar Pakkawaru, MT for his willingness helping us as the speaker. Also, for all of the participants who came to the training, and of course, the commitee !! (Special thanks to chief executive, Priyanka Damayanti (2009))

You guys really great !!

Thank you very much for your cooperation ! and see you in our next program ! ^^

*photos will be added soon πŸ˜›


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