Great Tuesday ! :D


I Love Tuesday


Yeah, I could say, today is great !

First of all, I skipped the Computer Vision class from Mrs. Febriana for the umpteenth time.. Huuff. yeah, I have to skip it. Why? We are, in the Division of Research & Technology is preparing a seminar, about technology & bussiness. Nah, this morning I submitted the proposal to the Vice Dean III (the field of Student Affair, Mr. Soeparno Djiwo, MT), and unfortunately, it conflicts with my schedule .. Hhh.. God bless us, our proposal approved by him. šŸ˜€

Second one, I just helped my friend on making a logo, for his aunt’s business. Yeah, simple logo, but we both proud of it. I hope his aunt like the logo šŸ˜€

The third, I just realized. Everything will be okay, if we do believe it ! Yeah, give your best and don’t forget to pray !

Keep your spirit guys !! \(^^)/


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