Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Stable Just Released !!!

Yeah, the latest stable release of Ubuntu, codenamed Maverick Meerkat has just released few hours ago 😀

Unfortunately, my Internet connection still under maintenance, so I couldn’t download the ISO file right now. Hhhh.. Maybe tomorrow morning it will be back to normal, I hope 😀

Hmm.. I wouldn’t give any review, since I haven’t tried it yet. As usual, I will post the review after trying it on my Acer 4530 😀


7 thoughts on “Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Stable Just Released !!!

  1. I just try it.. That;s great, the new installation process was bit faster…

    But now, i have problem about my modem (haier ce100), please share your trick about how to set that modem in the new maverick..

    thanks 😀

    • aaaaaaaaa !!
      You have tried it !!??!! *jealous mode ON ><

      I still can't try it, cz my connection slowing down since yesterday . I don't know what happen to Smart, but max connection that I got is Reguler, although I have purchased the Silver packages. T,T

      Okay, I'll try the modem if I've got maverick installed on my box 😀

      • he..he…
        my smart connection also down, i use my campus internet cafe to download the iso file..

        i getting tired solve c100 problem, but sometimes after i restart my pc, there are “New CDMA Connection” (or someting like that), in network notification, that mens that ce100 detected as modem, but after i restart the pc again, that notification didn’t showed 😦

        may be i should try to install “modeswitch” have you tried it? is it work?

        • Hmmm.. So… Not only me who get the problem with smart .. 😮
          But I’ve copied it from my friend 😀

          About the modem, I’ll try it soon. I have not tried it yet on my box, hehehe . Be patient, if everything going well, I’ll post it soon 😀

  2. I have try some way to connect the ce100 modem… There are bit different way from the Lucid, in lucid we need to eject it manually (or use the modem rules), in maverick the “ce100 drive” (that contain windo$$ driver) didn’t show, and it still need to eject (eject /dev/sr0 or /dev/sr1)..

    I think it’s better to make the 99-haier-ce100.rules.

    Then we can dial with wvdial (just like in Lucid).. But if you use pidgin or emphaty, i guess you got problem about “waiting for network connection”…
    The best way (at least until now), is about to use the Netwok-manager, but i need to update it using the trunk ppa (daily build)

    Previously (in Maverick and karmic) that daily build was the cause of problem, but now, it solved my problem..

    Semoga cara ini bisa berjalan lancar terus (dah cape ngetik english :p)

    • Siph.. Thanks for your share 😀
      It really help.

      I think Maverick detected it automatically. I just tried Kubuntu 10.10, and everything ran well (in LiveUSB).
      I could connect using CE100 though Network Manager. Just create new connection, and fill the parameters as usual (user, pass, dial number).
      I haven’t tried it in Ubuntu Maverick, but it should be fine, too 😀

      This afternoon, I’m going to try it in Ubuntu. I hope it just like in the Kubuntu 10.10, hehehe 😀

      Thanks again 😀

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