Arrived at Malang, back to normal activities as student

Haaa… Good morning everybody !! 😀
Sunny saturday morning here .. !

Yeah, after (almost) finishing my project in Surabaya yesterday, I decided to go back Malang last night. Yeah, because there are two classes this morning. Hhh.. You know, I skip the first class (as I remember, the subject is Software Engineering..), hahahaha.. lol and maybe, I’ll skip the next class, too.. (Artificial Intelligent class, wkwkkw lol)

Hell yeah, my body. I feeling stiff right now .. ==” (maybe I need more time to sleep.. wkwkwkwk)

Okay, now I’m going to wash my clothes and then go to campus. Huuhhh… I wish there are no classes in Saturday .. ><

Have a nice day, guys !  \(^^)/


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