GIMP Plugins could be 1000x faster !?

GIMP 2.7 Splash .. (jelek ><)

Do you know GIMP ?

If you are a Digital Graphic Designer, maybe you know it. Yeah, GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. I can say, it’s similiar to Adobe Photoshop, with the ability to produce great digital graphic and photos (photo retouching)

I have been using it till now. It helped me for creating any kind of stuff, like wallpapers, icons, and others. It helped me on most of my project, too. I have been designing any web interfaces using GIMP and then convert it into HTML. This program is really great. And on top of that, it’s totally FREE !!

AH, just now, I read a short article in my subscription inbox. The article is from here. Hmm.. what does it say ?

The point is, GIMP Plugins could be faster 1000x in the Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat!! Is it only for Maverick? I don’t really know about it, hehehe .. (but from the source of the source, here, I could say it only supports Maverick…)

So, how could they sure it could be 1000x faster ? Here is the reason.

Ubuntu 10.10 comes with OpenCL support. OpenCL is a language that allows to access the GPU and other parallel processors. That means that the graphics card’s shaders can be used from within any application. Multimedia or image processing applications like GIMP or GIMP plugins are perfect candidates for this optimization that is often just called “hardware acceleration”.

source from here

That’s so clear.. With OpenCL, we could use the hardware acceleration, so, any kind of multimedia apps could run faster than ever. But there are few things that really annoying me. First, we have to rewrite everything (in this case, we must rewrite the GIMP plugins so we could see, how fast it is). We counting on the plugin’s author. If they wont rewrite it, so, say goodbye for 1000x faster plugins.
And the second one is, it only support for CUDA-enabled graphic card (G80 GPUs, NVidia 8xxx series) or ATi Close to Metal (2xxx series).

Okay, I hope plugins developer start to write their plugin with the support for OpenCL, soon. This will help me a lot and of course, increase my productivity, since I use GIMP very often. 😀

My GIMP 2.7 Screenshot :

My GIMP 2.7 Screenshot 😀


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Source :
here and here .


5 thoughts on “GIMP Plugins could be 1000x faster !?

  1. that’s great…i thinks i should learn about gimp and never use adob* photoshop anymore…

    any idea about gimp tutorial? like ebook or something like that..


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