Will be at Surabaya, soon

Yeah, this evening I’m going to Surabaya again ..

The plan has changed. I’ll be there this morning 😀

For what reason ?
Still the same as before .. Continuing the project that has been delayed few days ago due to my activities at campus.

So, what project is it ? It’s a simple project, just making a web-based Company Profile for an International Freight Forwarding company located in Surabaya. Yeah, that is my sidejob. I’m a programmer (web and desktop-based program).

Huff .. one thing that I hate of being a programmer (while still being a student too) is, sometimes, I have to skip some of the classes … 😦
Yeah, that makes me get bad mark on some subjects, hahahahah, and of course, makes me (and my parents) feel sad..  😥

But at least, I could earn some money, so I could buy ‘anything’ I want 😀


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