What’s wrong with this person ?

Do you have an account in Yahoo! ? I have one.

Just now, I opened my Yahoo! Mail account (budi.indira). Since I need to confirm my new launchpad account that I just registered using this email, a while ago. Actually, I rarely check this account, because I don’t like Yahoo! Mail (it’s interface and system). lol

Why I decided to register a new account in launchpad? It’s because my other account can’t request free Ubuntu CD from shipit.ubuntu.com anymore… Yah, they said

Already received too many shipments

Demand for Ubuntu CDs is very high, and we’re trying to ensure that we have enough CDs for those who really need one. We’ve noticed that you’ve already received CDs of several previous Ubuntu releases. You can help us ensure the continued availability of Ubuntu CDs by

Thanks for your support of Ubuntu!

Hahahaha , lol. I guess so..  I’ve requested a large number of Ubuntu CDs many times.. lol

Hey, the point isn’t about free Ubuntu CD !!

What I’m gonna talking about is a weird email that I received about 2 weeks ago in this account (but I just realized it, because I just opened it a while ago, lol). The email is from Facebook. The email looks like this

Weird e-mail from Facebook.

What’s wrong with “Purnama Clalu Cyanx Dia” ?? Who the hell is she (or he?) ?

You know, I have confirmed this email for my FB account before !! And top of that, I’ve never check my FB profile, since I deactivated it few weeks ago (before this email was sent). Fiuhh …  I just ignoring this email, because I don’t know who she is. And I hope, she knows what she had done .. ==”


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