Better sound experience with PulseAudio Equalizer in Ubuntu 10.04

Hi all .. ! How are you today ?

I hope you guys allright 😀

This time, I’m going to share a trick about sound, by which equalizer in Linux, Ubuntu. Maybe you guys use various media player in linux, just like me, and the point is, no one makes you satisfied .. hehehe , Yeah, I can say linux media player is great, but still lack of good equalizer setting in it. In example, audacious. It’s winamp-like media player for Linux. IMO, it’s a good media player, and I had been use it for quite long before I realized it’s equalizer is bad (actually, because I can’t set a good equalizer setting by myself, hehehe)

I’ve searched about equalizer setting for linux media player and I found a tutorial that said, we can use winamp equalizer preset in audacious. I’ve tried it, and you know the result ?? Its just like I heard someone screaming !!! Arrgghhh , so bad !! I don’t know, which one is wrong .. my speaker ?? or the media player ?? huuhh …

But few weeks ago, I’ve found a trick about equalizer in Ubuntu. Hmmm .. It says we could have a systemwide equalizer setting, so we don’t need to set equalizer/ preset for each application. Wanna try ? Ok, lets do it ! 😀

Before continuing this step, make sure you have an Internet connection and of course, pulseAudio sound server (installed by default in Ubuntu 9.10 and later) 😀

Oh ya, this trick is for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx, I’ve never try it on another release of Ubuntu ..

Step #1. Open terminal (konsole) from Application > Accessories > Terminal.

Step #2. Add the psyke83′s PPA

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:psyke83/ppa

Step #3. Update you repository

sudo apt-get update

Step #4. Install it !

sudo apt-get install pulseaudio-equalizer

Now, turn off any equalizer setting that you have set before in your media player. And then, go to Application > Sound & Video > PulseAudio Equalizer.

Application > Sound & Video > PulseAudio Equalizer

Here is the GUI. You can choose various of presets that available in the combobox Preset. I use “Laptop” preset for my Acer 4530. Don’t forget to check the option “EQ Enabled”. If you wanna keep the setting (always use this equalizer), just check the option “Keep Setting” and then click “Apply Setting” button.

PulseAudio Equalizer Setting GUI

Now, play any kind of song with any media player you want. How’s it heard ?? Better ? it sounds better on my laptop 😀 (even my speakers quality isn’t good)

I hope this help you who got stress about equalizer in Linux Ubuntu. 😀 Hey, don’t forget to rate and comment below 😀 Thanks .

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5 thoughts on “Better sound experience with PulseAudio Equalizer in Ubuntu 10.04

  1. Thanks, just did everything you did re-installing stable ubuntu systems reloading different media players and finally some one give the ultimate understandable solution. Thanks man and keep up the good work…keep it transparent…

  2. Hi Jack, don’t mention it. 🙂
    I’m kinda surprised because this one is still working. FYI, Pulseaudio Equalizer package itself isn’t maintained anymore. May cause some trouble, I think.

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